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winning brands i helped grow

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Jennifer Wirth Active Brand Marketing

Case studies

Best Buy – launched a Best Buy mobile speciality shop in NYC, a joint venture with UK's Carphone Warehouse mobile shops to tap the urbanites thirst for cellular technology and specialised service.

McDonald's – Grew McDonald's market share exponentially across multiple businsses by re-positioning the breakfast, dinner, and dessert businesses to young adults.

HSBC – Redefined HSBC as 'the world's local bank' after worldwide bank acquisitions and needing to compete against big local banks as the challenger brand.

Neutrogena – Launched Neutrogena to the Chinese market for the first time 

Premier Foods - Repositioned the Lloyd Grossman brand in the UK toward the platform of 'Taste is everything' transforming sales.

Bleach – Launched the product bleach in the Chinese market when it didn't exist before as a product.


Boots the Chemist      (owned by Walgreens) – Developed Boots' digital communication strategy after it began losing out to online only vendors to help it compete in a growing digital space.

Stella Artois –Grew the beer brand's global market share through a repositioning and global advertising campaign and new target audiences.

Geek Squad – Launched Best Buy's tech support brand Geek Squad establishing immediate impact on a shoestring budget.

Unilever's Sunsilk (world's largest haircare brand by volume)  – Repositioned this brand from falling market share to strong growth across multiple global markets including new website, social media, advertising, and packaging and logo design.



My background:  I bring together a unique combination of experience and perspective having launched two personal start-ups, and having worked with the world’s most successful brands over the past 20 years in North America, the UK, Europe, and Asia to define brand strategy, marketing plans, social media strategies, revitalise declining brands, launch new products, and develop new innovations, even on a shoestring budget. 

My Mission is to transfer my knowledge, skills, and expert eye to support entrepreneurs, start ups, and small to medium sized business, who often don’t have the budgets to employ senior marketing professionals or big marketing budgets. 

My point of view: great marketing starts from the inside out and is less about budget and more about knowing what to leverage.  This comes from experience and instinct.  Every successful business or new product launch started small, but there are proven methods for how to grow.  When you understand the formula for creating customer connection from the beginning you pave the way for reaching more people and future proofing your business.