Group Workshops

Are you clear about what your brand stands for and who it's for?  Can you pitch it in 30 seconds and in one sentence that even your grandma would understand?  

Working with me you will know exactly what you need to do to build a brand that pinpoints your most valuable, meaningful strength to your customers; how to pitch it, write about it, and sell it with effectiveness.

Join my workshops designed for both groups or individual companies who prefer one-to-one hands on guidance and advice.

Go-to-market brand strategy Workshop       

(4 hours, or 2 two hour workshops)

  • Why is this workshop critical:  Brand strategy is the roadmap to lead your customers to you, connect with you, and keep them coming back.  It's not a nice to have, and it's not enough to have it in your head.  Without it, your business is flying blind, you can waste time and money because you are unclear about what you stand for.  Once you've got it, it will help you write your website, social media, event, and new product development with clarity and ease.   Your brand strategy is the key to unlock more customers coming to you.
  • What will you achieve:    Align who you are and what you stand for with your customers' most important needs.  Crystalize exactly what to say about your brand in order to stand out, connect, and attract more of the right kind of customers.  
  • How does it work:    In this workshop you will define the most important building blocks of your brand, your positioning, your target customers, and how it fits into their life.  You will walk away with a first draft of how to talk about the distinctiveness of your brand in all of your communications, including your website and social media.  You will be able to immediately implement your new thinking across every touchpoint of your business, paving the way for an immediate incremental return on your investment.  
  • When:  Get in touch for a free consultation and potential dates. 


Clarify your target audience workshop

(2 -3 hours)

Why is it needed:  It used to be marketers thought about their customers in the small box of their category e.g. what do women who buy washing detergent really want? Clean clothes, right?  Suddenly along comes Persil's 'dirt is good' campaign which took the market by storm. Why? Because they considered the whole person, the mother who ultimately wanted her child to develop as fully as possible and play and getting dirty was critical!  Taking a wider perspective about the business you are in is key to unlocking connection and differentiation with your customers.  

What will you achieve:  Clarify the real business you are in (e.g. for Persil it was child development, not detergent), and who your biggest, most robust, potential audience is. 

How does it work:   In this workshop you will define who they are, their needs, hopes and dreams and how your offering fits into their lives so you can immediately begin targeting them more efficiently and using the best language and touchpoints.  

When:  Get in touch for a free consultation and potential dates.