I am a Marketing Coach working with entrepreneurs, start ups and small to medium size businesses to expand their market potential by identifying their most powerful strengths and market positioning in order to stand out and attract more customers, more easily.  

Jen has invaluable experience and talent to share, having worked with some of the top brands in the UK and around the world. Working with her in her role as a global communication planner working with HSBC, Johnson&Johnson, and Stella Artois, Jen’s ability to exactly pin point the one thing that would make consumers reconsider or change their behaviour is key to effective communications. Her output is insightful, creative, and practical at the same time, ensuring clients can implement her recommendations fast and across all parts of the communications mix for immediate results.

How do winning brands attract customers more easily than others?

They know who they are, what they stand for, and how to connect that with what their customers need and want.  They they understand the power of having a clear positioning that is communicated consistently from their website to the sales materials through to their app and emails and understood by everyone in their organisation.  Without this clear positioning, companies waste time and money throwing random messages each week into google ad words or sales materials and fail to achieve stand out. 

There is a proven formula that will identify your unique positioning

I have distilled the knowledge of working with the world's most successful brands into a range of practical, effective, proven tools, techniques, and formulas, to help entrepreneurs and small to medium sized businesses clarify their brand and offering, and communicate this across every customer touch point along the customer journey to convert  your leads into paying clients.  You will build up a consistent message that every employee can share from the receptionist to the copy writer.  You will have a clear set of messages and language to use on your website, in your social media, and sales materials to make you stands out among the competition and attract more of the right kind of customers.

There are hundreds of things you can say about your business and hundreds of unmet needs; the marketing magic lies in making the tough choices to identify the single most compelling thing you can say about your business across your marketing. 

Accelerate your growth with an expert guide

You are expert in your business, however, the closer you are to something, the harder it is to be objective, to see the real value you offer, and see it through the eyes of your customers.  Positioning your brand and product effectively to convert more into paying customers requires seeing yourself and your customers needs clearly.

By following a practical, step by step approach to identifying your most powerful positioning will speed up your lead generation, your customer conversions, and give you faster growth.


group go-to-market brand strategy workshops

group workshops

Go-to-market brand and launch strategy workshops designed for entrepreneurs, start ups and SMEs to develop your most powerful positioning to stand out and attract immediate customers.   

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individual marketing coaching

Marketing coaching for individuals and companies, working one-to-one with hands on advice and guidance to develop your most powerful position for your brand, product, or event.

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